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Jon and Eric have worked in the security space as developers, architects and leaders for more years than they care to count. From commentary on current events to random musings, they chat (mostly) about security and technology topics. However, life is more than just the day job. From beekeeping adventures to hiking mountains to favorite shows, there's always something fun to wrap up the show.

Opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their employer, friends, neighbors, monkeys at the zoo, or even each other.


Mar 15, 2019

Eric's app (Cast/Snip) is launching soon, and Libby is awesome. Marriott discloses much more information about the previous Starwood breach, and Amazon has their own Project Zero. Microsoft releases a Windows 7 patch to add SHA-256 support, and Jon spends 15 minutes talking about serverless and serverless...

Mar 8, 2019

Jon's gonna catch himself some bees. Eric's trying to avoid getting sick. Facebook - uh, is still Facebook and there's still no cryptocurrency to be found. The NSA open sources a reverse engineering tool and, not to be outdone, Microsoft open sources a calculator. Your Chrome browser should have updated by now....

Mar 1, 2019

Jon is back from Arizona and Eric's playing seamster. Another cryptocurrency heist, another Ring vulnerability, how to abuse (web) Service Workers, and a hardware attack at bare metal clouds. For fun, both the NSA and Eric are on GitHub, and Jon had a good time at Biosphere2 and Taliesin West.

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