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Jon and Eric have worked in the security space as developers, architects and leaders for more years than they care to count. From commentary on current events to random musings, they chat (mostly) about security and technology topics. However, life is more than just the day job. From beekeeping adventures to hiking mountains to favorite shows, there's always something fun to wrap up the show.

Opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of their employer, friends, neighbors, or even each other.


Oct 21, 2023

Eric gets a car and Jon doesn't quite get into an AirBnB. Sourdough and roast failures. Virtual gaming company hacked via Discord, a part time DJ selling fake or unqualified airplane parts, and Slack's Google Drive integration allows information disclosure. For fun we have roll your own ambient audio (chaos!) and a Marsquake that didn't come from asteroids.